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Children also can do meditation and they achieve a lot of good changes

Anu(11years) says ” Now because I can throw away my mind I can sleep better, earlier I wasn’t able to sleep because I had so many thoughts. As I can throw it away, I feel very good and happier. Thank you! “
Atu(14years) says ” I became calmer and concentration got better. I was so stressed about my studies but now I don’t have stress about my study. I can easily throw it away and do my studies.”
Meditation is a bless for everyone.
Let’s be the blessed one together 🙂
Anu & Atu / Mumbai
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Passion, Coronavirus & Meditation

*Passion, Coronavirus & Meditation*
Find Your Passion and Live a Meaningful Life – This is what I have been listening from various successful people and speakers and I believed so. I kept on finding what I like to do and tried to pursue that career. However, I realized that my liking keeps on changing. I used to get bored of what I had found extremely exciting few years back. And I kept on saying to myself that this is not my passion, I need to find something else. So, like Devi (Salman Khan) of Kick Movie, I kept on looking for challenging and interesting careers. And I moved from Engineering to Management to Entrepreneurship in search of my passion. Lately I started believing that the liking changes as per my age and my search for passion will not end. That’s my personality.
Lockdown after Coronavirus broke my pattern of likes and dislikes. With uncertainty about career,I was in worst situation of living with my biggest dislike – housework.
I was doing this meditation daily through online guidance and it slowly changed my state of mind. Firstly, Ms Hyemee, my coach/mentor directed me to accept the current situation. Then I was able to throw away my dislike and avoidance of doing mundane housework. I became calm and began doing daily routine without negative emotions. My burden, stress, pain disappeared.
One day, while doing this “boring work” (my erstwhile definition of all such jobs) I learned one of the most important lessons of my life – Likes and dislikes are just creations of mind and they can be conquered. All throughout my life, I was chasing my likes – which are just created by my ever-changing mind. I was naming this chase as “search of passion” which was all false! Whatever work I get excited to do or get bored with – is all created by my mind and is not true!
I thought life should be like Devi of Kick Movie finding my excitement, but life is like “Inception” movie where everything was false, a dream created by mind. Mumbai meditation has made me realize that.
Dheeraj Nimbalkar / Mumbai
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