Guide Book of Truth

Woo Myung is the #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 Amazon, #1 Barnes & Noble, and USA Today bestselling author of How to Have a Meeting with God, Buddha, Allah.

Did you know that everything you have been searching for is within your mind?
Truth, Heaven, happiness, success and health are all within your mind.
This book guides you how to discover it.

The top 10 things that people are looking for:

1. Go to a world where one will not die and live eternally
2. Be happy
3. Be successful
4. Have the ability to accomplish one’s goals
5. Be healthy
6. Have peace within
7. Become free from useless thoughts and truly focus on the present
8. Break bad habits
9. Always have a grateful mind
10. Have successful relationships

All of the above and more can be found from within the mind.

For humans, although it seems that they are living in the real world, they do not live there because they are living inside the mind world that overlaps the world.

Because people live in the illusionary world, their minds are not righteous, and they cannot see the world for what it is.

However, when you enlighten to and live in the real world, you can know the principles of the world and can become a complete person.

This book, which has been written from the perspective of Truth, explains the ways of this world. It is the alternative solution to help you find what you are looking for and achieve everything.