Meditation Experience

Sharing my meditation experience

When I did yoga and meditation before, when there is nothing in my mind, I feel peace of mind obviously calm and peace, but as soon as I am away from the meditation and yoga, I was in the mind world.

So now I know every time I am in the mind world, I can throw them away.

I am not saying I am completely changed but, you know I know the way, I found the method and I need to work hard as I have more than 40 years packet in my mind.

Of course I can’t blame anyone else, because of different situation,  we get that pattern as habit as well.

Obviously I was suffering a lot, I knew I was suffering and now I am trying to free from the suffering.

Hom Thapa Bahadur / Mumbai
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I am extremely grateful

I am extremely grateful about learning the ‘Changing the false mind to the True mind’ technique taught by Mumbai Meditation. The excellent guidance that I am receiving from my instructor Hemi Baik, has tremendously improved my quality of life and outlook for the better.

I am steadily and consistently learning and understanding so much about myself, with each progressing session. The knowledge that casting away and discarding all thoughts, feelings and opinions is the pathway to a peaceful and mindful existence is valuable indeed. I, as a thankful and satisfied student highly recommend this amazing program to everyone, with full conviction and gratitude.


Ramanujam Iyengar  / Mumbai
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My Meditation Journey

If you had asked me a year back before I had ever considered meditation; what meditation actually was and what that meant to me, then I would have been a skeptic and laughed it off.

If you ask me this now then i will say don’t knock it until you try it. What changed for me was not a life changing event, but a deep unrelenting feeling that I needed to find myself and my true universe mind.

I would often find myself drifting into suppressed thoughts and memories that created anxiety and stress which directly affected my persona. Finally finding myself struggling to get a good nights sleep or just carrying on feeling trapped within my mind, I decided to give meditation a try.

I had researched many meditation methods and guided courses in India but could not find one that I felt would allow me to accept and embrace meditation, until I came across Mumbai Meditation centre. Run by Hemi and Jinju I booked my first session of this meditation.

My very first session changed everything! It has been a month since then and it has truly started to change my life. I now feel less stressed, my remembered thoughts are fading and I feel happier then I have in a long, long time.

A big thank you to Hemi and Jinju and the founder of the meditation method! You have helped me on my journey to find ‘Truth’ and my Universe mind. I have only reached the first level but cannot wait to complete all 7 levels and achieve my universe mind.

Hiren Patel / Marketer / Mumbai
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It was a Great Experience

It was a great experience meditating. It helped me to realize that our world is too small.

The original world is the Universe. Meditation also helps to curb all the bad feelings and helps us to realize that we are universe.

So everyone should practice this meditation in order to live a happy life.

These 2,3 days have changed me as a person from a self-centered person to a broad minded person. So enjoy meditating!

Harsh Tambe / 15yrs old / Mumbai
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Anxiety-free, Energetic and Content

It was a fateful day that I encountered Mumbai Meditation. Jaded from negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and a lack of self love and respect, I was desperate to find tools that would help me repair my damages.

As a result, I hurriedly signed up for this programme. Bottom line, this was one of the best decisions I have ever taken for myself.

The principle here is simple. With the method I have been able to wash away so much dirt that I had collected all these years.

I now find myself anxiety- free, energetic and content. I now head to my ultimate path to emptiness, with utmost confidence.

Raghuvir Varma / Student / Mumbai
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Meditation has helped me from insomnia

Meditation has helped me from insomnia. I had trouble sleeping at night but I have seen the difference in my sleep cycle within 10days of meditation.

Now, I can sleep without any medications. It has also helped me improve my focus and concentration.

My mind used to be flooded with chaotic thoughts often leaving me mentally tired.

With meditation, I can channel my thoughts in a more organized fashion which helps me plan and prioritize my daily activities better.

I look forward to embrace all the wonderful fruits of meditation.

Thank you!

Arti Sangani / Mumbai
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Meditation Helped Me Realizing Who I Really Am

Starting out I had a lot of inner conflict and fear. I remember worrying about everything and getting paralyzed with fear.

Meditation helped me realizing who I really am. I could let go of the past and work towards the future. In a short time I went from losing my mind to when things never went my way, to gently moving on, not being in endless hurry to get things done for my ego and let things just be and move on.

Marcelino Gonsalues / Mumbai
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My Concentration Level Has Gone Up

I joined meditation center 5 months back and ever since my perception about the world and myself has changed.

I realized 2 years back that I spent a lot of time in futile thinking that were not true and irrelevant. This affected my work and family life as the thoughts were always on the negative side. I had the revelation but did not know how to handle this and come out of this situation. I used to feel very tired, out of thought at the work and used to get upset at times. In addition, the negative thought never allowed me to take challenging role that also restricted my growth.

After joining meditation center, I realized that stress is caused by these thoughts and this can be thrown away. The method really works as the people around complement me on the change they have seen.

I am not afraid of challenges. My concentration level has gone up and I feel less stressed at any situation.

My family and work life is balanced as day by day I see improvement in my life. Thank you to the universe.

Rafiq Shaikh / Mumbai
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Now I am Giving My 200% on My Work

Before I was thinking too much about all of the things, which were not necessary. Many times, I felt depressed and stammered. I judged and compared myself with others many times. In addition, could not concentrate on work.

After practicing the meditation method, the first major thing I realized was that we all human beings think too much about false things and situations, which do not happen in future. Therefore, we have to remove the false imagination by practicing and using this method.

Now I am giving my 200% on my work whatever  I do. I am feeling light and happy. I am more focused and my confidence has increased. Moreover, I am living in true universe instead in my thoughts nor imaginary universe.

Thank you very much to Mumbai Meditation & masters. Specially thanks to Hemi and Jinju.

Priyank Parmar / Mumbai
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Simple and Effective Method

Meditating level 2  was a very powerful and liberating experience. Destroying the self and images of human relationships very systematically, leaves one in a calm and joyous state.

Now I can achieve this, anywhere and always by following the simple and effective method. Thank you !

Anu Tandon / Mumbai
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