About Meditation

Here at Mumbai Meditation, we meditate to change from Human mind to be Universe mind.

Step by step as you cross the 7 levels,

your mind becomes broaden to Universe mind,

becomes liberated from stress and anguish,

can know all the meanings of the world, and reach Human Completion.


Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts
Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself
Level 3: Throwing away my body
Level 4: Throwing away my body and the universe
Level 5: Throwing away my body and the universe
Level 6: Myself disappears and becomes the universe
Level 7: Throwing away the hell world which is the picture world and myself living in the world


Our meditation is a guided meditation that consists of seven levels. Each level is a unique method to throw away the false human mind. Our method is so easy and simple that even 8-year-old children and 80-year-old grandparents can study together.