Life Changes



The effect of Subtraction Meditation Method

  1. Negative mind disappear and face becomes brighter
  2. More and more you subtract, the fat you gained by stress  becomes reduced and you become having the most beautiful face of your style
  3. Because mind is the reason of sickness, when you throw away the fundamental root which is the mind,  the sickness gradually disappear
  4. Because the mind which was the habit doesn’t exist, human mind disappear and only universe mind remains. So the entire agony disappear. It is a world that is beyond the false world.
  5. As being able to do single things, whatever you do, you are able to do that only. So you can be successful. As you conduct the work real, your work efficiency multiply 10 times.
  6. Strolling mind disappear and you become doing that work only. In the past, you were exhausted by lots of agonies happening, but after subtracting, the tiredness disappear and since agony doesn’t exist, you become consuming less food.
  7. Always feel comfortable and happy.
  8. Whatever you do, you have the confidence inside.
  9. You become having good health and long life. You can reach human completion and live forever.